Commercial & Industrial Disaster solutions experts. We will Find a Solution for your business to get back on track.


What We Do

National Disaster Services’ uses our team’s decades of experience to Find a Solution for your business in the event of a National Disaster or Emergency. Our Emergency Service Team is available for deployment 24/7.

Tornado Recovery

Tornado Recovery for your business

  • Commercial Tornado Recovery
  • Industrial Tornado Recovery
  • Warehouse Tornado Recovery
  • Emergency Tornado Recovery for your business

Fire Recovery

Fire Recovery for your business

Industrial Fire Recovery

  • Commercial Fire Recovery
  • Industrial Fire Recovery
  • Warehouse Fire Recovery
  • Emergency Fire Recovery for your business

Hurricane Recovery

Hurricane Recovery for your business

Hurricane Recovery

  • Commercial Hurricane Recovery
  • Industrial Hurricane Recovery
  • Warehouse Hurricane Recovery
  • Emergency Hurricane Recovery and Relief for your business

Flooding Recovery

Flood Recovery for your business

Flood Recovery Disaster SErvice

  • Commercial Tornado Recovery
  • Industrial Tornado Recovery
  • Warehouse Tornado Recovery
  • Emergency Tornado Recovery for your business


National Disaster Service can provide the equipment, manpower and knowledge to have your business on the path to recovery. Our Motto is We find solutions!

  • Backhoe w/Thumb

  • 315 Trackhoe Excavator
  • Excavator (Long Stick)

  • Excavator Crane Trackhoe

  • 305.5 Excavator

  • 315 CAT Excavator

  • 305.5 Highrail Excavator

  • CX 336 CAT Excavator w/ Thumb

  • CX315 CAT Excavator & Tamper

  • wheel loader 930

  • CX336 CAT Excavator & Undercutter

  • 345 CAT Excavator

  • Hi-Rail Grapple Truck

  • Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Truck

  • Wheel Loader 950

  • Motor Grader

  • CAT 289 Skid Steer

  • Hi-Rail Excavator

  • CAT 289 Skid Steer

  • ForkLift

  • Forklift with Clamp

  • Rough Terrain Forklift

  • Grain Vayor

  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Trucks

  • Conveyor

  • Excavator (Long Stick)

  • Trailer with Cooker

  • Crew Bus

  • Bush Hog

  • Roll Off Tandum Truck

  • Tractor Disk

  • Golf Cart

  • Welder

  • Articulated Off Road Dump

  • Articulated Off Road Dump

  • Articulated Off Road Dump

  • Riding Mower

  • Brontosaurs Mulcher Attachment

  • Case MXU 115

  • “175 CFM Air compressor (excluding hammer, hose &


  • Airboat

  • 26′ landing craft boat

  • 20′ Aluminum Craft Boat

  • D5 CAT Dozer

  • D6 CAT Dozer

  • D9 CAT Dozer

  • Tri-Axel Dump Truck

  • Sweeper

  • Air mover Guzzler vac truck

  • Guzzler Vac Truck Hi-Rail

  • Water Truck

  • Water Trailer

  • Pick-Up Trucks (Tool, Crew, Supervisor, Escort)

  • Tool Truck w/Hi-Rail Wheels

  • Mechanic & Service Truck

  • Lowboy, Dump Trailer

  • Flatbed, Grain, van, Compnent Trailer

  • Stretch 76′ Drop Deck Trailer

  • Hi-Rail Trailer

  • Light Plant

  • Mobil Pressure Washer

  • Chainsaw

  • Generator

  • Auger

  • Air Spike Hammer

  • Concrete/Asphalt Cutter (Blade extra 26″)

  • 20′ Aluminum Craft Boat

  • Asphalt Roller – 2 Ton

  • Asphalt Roller – 5 Ton

  • Sheepsfoot Roller

  • Sky-Track

  • Railcart

  • Rail Rider

  • Side Boom

  • Rem Vac 3700

  • Water Trailer

  • Roll off Dumpsters

  • Panel Boss Attachment

  • Switch Tamper

  • Tie Crane

  • 4 Wheeler

  • RTV Mule

  • Yard Mule

  • Kubota Tractor 50 horse

  • Hydraulic Pack & Hammer

  • D6 High Track

  • 20K Hydro Blaster

  • Barge Service

  • Helecoptor



Our Core Values

National Disaster Services was formed to fulfill our customers needs while maintaining the values we stand for as a company. We strive to keep these principles on all of our jobs.

Our Customers Say

” These guys really mean what they say when they say We Find Solutions.  When a a tornado ripped through our yard they were literally there within hours of us contacting them.  The work they did was top notch. “

Dominick Rogers• Warehouse Manager

“Superior work and fast deployment.  When the flooding happened they were there with there amphibious vehicle helping save part of the building from damage.”

Carl Davidson • Plant Manager

Safety First

We value safety.
We work with strategic partners and thank them for the relationships we have
built to maintain the safety of our operations.

Disaster Clean up and Recovery Done Right

We can handle projects of any size, anywhere in the United States. Please let us show you the difference when you choose National Disaster Services.

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